External Studies

Dean, The Rev. Dr. Charles Erlandson

A number of CTH courses are available via distance learning, which can be completed externally from the seminary. CTH is committed to the classroom environment as the primary method of instruction, as required by the principle of formation. CTH also recognizes that, for various reasons, students enrolled in a degree program may need to complete some course work outside of the classroom environment.

Degree Students:?Students who are enrolled in the M.A.R., M.T.S., Deaconal Certificate, Deaconness Certificate, and Anglican Studies Certificate programs or completing the Th.M. may complete all courses via the External Studies program.?M.Div. Students (only): The maximum amount of credit that may be obtained via either directed or external study may not exceed one-third (1/3) of the total number of credits needed to graduate.

Non-Degree Students:?By providing several theological courses as External Studies options, CTH has made orthodox theological training available for laypersons on a wider scale. Individuals may also audit in-classroom courses.

Course Credit:?Students taking an External Studies course for credit must complete the seminary’s?application process?and be accepted as a CTH student. When a course is ordered, the student will be put in contact with a professor and provided with the directions, requirements, and policies for the course. To be eligible for credit, courses must be completed within?90 days?of?the receipt of the course materials.

Course Audit:?Those who audit an External Studies course will not have direct access to the course professor but will receive all of the course materials.

Tuition and Fees:?The cost for External Studies courses is the same as that for classroom studies, whether for credit or to audit. (View?Tuition Information)

Courses Available

DT 602 – Thirty-Nine Articles
DT 502 – Anglicanism
PR 701 – Christian Apologetics
PT 705 – Cure of Souls
PR 601 – Intro to Moral Theology & Ethics
NT 503 – Four Gospels
DT 701 – Church & Sacraments
DT 501 – Doctrines of God & Christ
BS 502 – Scripture & Hermeneutics
OT 601 – Historical Books
LS 502 – Liturgics
OT 702 – Poetic Books
OT 602 – Prophets
CH 501 – Patristic Church History
OT 502 – Pentateuch
PT 501 – Spirituality